Low-key but flexible to-do tool

Toodledo is an online to-do list tool that hides interesting functionality behind average looks. View full description


  • Location and context aware
  • Sharing and import/export options
  • Tools provide lots of extra functions


  • Some options complicated to access
  • Some users would like a slicker interface

Very good

Toodledo is an online to-do list tool that hides interesting functionality behind average looks.

There are lots of web-based to-do applications out there, which means that contenders really need something special to stand out from the competition. Toodledo isn't very attractive - despite having a few skins, it's really very basic. What it lacks in looks, however, it makes up for with ease of use and flexibility.

Toodledo comes in several versions - a free basic and various paid options. Signing up is fast and painless and doesn't even require a confirmation email. The website also provides good help resources and clearly details its privacy policy.

To-do tools are typically easy to use - you create tasks, classify them, add completion dates and other relevant information - and hopefully mark them off once done. Toodledo is no different - tasks are easy to create and simply laid out, so it's easy to keep track of them.

Toodledo also has some extra functions that are both useful and fun. There is a good selection of add-ons and third-party tools that add huge functionality for cross-service integration and more, a location feature that will show you location-relevant tasks, contexts, so that you only see work tasks in the office and domestic tasks at home (or vice versa) and even a cute booklet function that allows you to print out your tasks and carry them with you - perfect for Toodledo users without a compatible mobile device!

Toodledo's minimalist appearance and interesting functions make it more interesting than lots of other to-do tools out there. It seems to have managed to combine features and ease of use without overloading with unnecessary and distracting tools. At times, however, configuring some aspects of tasks with Toodledo - such as alerts - seemed to require unnecessary (and multiple) steps.

Although there are slicker examples, Toodledo is a online to-do list that's better than the average.


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